Smart C-arm for Sports Medicine – TURNER IMAGING SYSTEMS

The Benefits of the Smart-C for your Athletic Program The Smart-C enables the trained provider to add X-ray/fluoroscopic imaging in diagnosing fractures and assessing instabilities that can make the difference between a “Return to Play” decision on a sore hand or an athlete being sidelined with a fracture. Take the guesswork out in an unprecedented […]

Smart C-arm for Diagnostics – TURNER IMAGING SYSTEMS

Benefits of the Smart-C in your Diagnostic Imaging Center In today’s busy Clinics and Imaging Centers triaging patients and delivering true point of care assessment is key. Bring radiology directly to the patient. The Smart-C is fully battery operated, weighing only 16 lbs it allows for true portability in your facility. Features of the Smart-C: […]

Smart C-arm for Surgical – TURNER IMAGING

The Benefits of the Smart-C in your Operating Room. The Smart C package is designed to provide you a Mini C arm with the additional features of  segregated components to increase functionality in today’s OR.  The fully battery operated and wireless system means no cords on the floor and the unique ability to place the […]


ScanX Duo ScanX Duo Digital Radiography System delivers chairside, crystal clear images in seconds. This small and efficient two track system is capable of reading images simultaneously from 2 PSPs. ScanX Duo accepts intraoral PSP sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 for patients of all ages and anatomies. With ScanX PSPs, you never miss […]

Ez Sensor Classic – VATECH

YOUR PARTNER FOR DIGITAL CLINIC YOUR PARTNER FOR DIGITAL CLINIC, EzSensor Classic Ultra-Slim for Easy Positioning Patient Oriented Design Trustworthy Image SPECIFICATION Detector CMOS Pixel Size 29.6 μm Theoretical Resolution 17 lp/mm Dynamic Range 12 bit Active Area(WxL) Size 1.0 _ 20 x 30 mm Size 1.5 _ 24 x 33 mm Size 2.0 _ […]

EzSensor Soft – VATECH

BETTER IS NOT ENOUGH, BE DIFFERENT Pain Relief & Easy Positioning Pain Relief & Easy Positioning The Smallest Pixel. It provides consistently higher resolution and clearer images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Drop Resistant – Durable Sensor Materials SPECIFICATION (MODEL NAME: EZSENSOR SOFT) Detector CMOS Pixel Size 14.8 μm Theoretical Resolution 33.7 lp/mm Dynamic Range […]

EzRay Air – VATECH

THE SMART ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR CLINIC   THE SMART ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR CLINIC,EzRay Air Smart angulation for optimal results Intuitive & convenient operating panel One dial for all function 2.4kg lightweight tube head for stable and safe use Compact design for easy use    SPECIFICATIONS Focal Spot 0.4 mm (IEC 60336) Tube Voltage (kV) 65 […]


Medical image sharing is in our DNA Zed Telerad comprises a range of products and services to make you teleradiology ready. Whether you are a small clinic seeking external reporting capability or a dedicated teleradiology business wanting to optimise workflow, Zed has the experience and knowhow to help. Zed Entrada A combined software/hardware solution that […]


Modality clinics Zed microPACS removes the high cost and complexity of traditional PACS installations while still providing the core benefits of digital image viewing and storage.   Simple Installation Our Zed Black Box is a fully configured software/hardware package that is shipped to site within 24 hours of ordering. Simply connect the Zed Black Box […]