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Smart C-arm for Sports Medicine – TURNER IMAGING SYSTEMS

The Benefits of the Smart-C for your Athletic Program

The Smart-C enables the trained provider to add X-ray/fluoroscopic imaging in diagnosing fractures and assessing instabilities that can make the difference between a “Return to Play” decision on a sore hand or an athlete being sidelined with a fracture. Take the guesswork out in an unprecedented timely manner.

Features of the Smart-C:

  • Fully Portable X-Ray Imaging Device
  • Battery operated – Does not need to be plugged in for use
  • Lightweight – 16 Lbs
  • Superior Imaging via Wireless Tablet
  • Point of Care Extremity Imaging at the sideline, pitch or field
  • Easy to carry from event to event in a durable transport case


“When catastrophe strikes, we have been able to make definitive surgical treatment plans before we even get on the plane to go home thus preparing our subspecialty surgeons to, in a timelier fashion, be ready to start the repair and recovery. In high demand, highly competitive environments getting your player ready days sooner can be significant”.

Dr. Kirt Kimball
BYU Football Team Orthopedic Surgeon


Wireless Tablet

  • Wireless tablet that can be placed directly in your field of vision
  • Intuitive Imaging Software on a touchscreen tablet
  • Automatic detection of dense objects and adjustments of contrast and brightness to optimize image


Smart-C Support Stand:

  • Counterbalanced C-arm articulation
  • 46” reach
  • Detector height 61 to 140 cm (24-55”)
  • Unlimited C-arm rotation
  • Small storage footprint
  • Locking wheels
  • Weighs 75 kg (165 lbs.)

  Monitor Cart

  • Battery operated monitor cart with no cords on the operating room floor
  • Battery charger for two Smart-C batteries integral to the Monitor Stand
  • Bright 27” monitor with class-leading 12” live image
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Independent monitor cart allows for a clear field of view positioning

Monitor Cart and Support Stand

  • The Smart-C monitor cart and support stand can connect to act as a single unit in the OR or for transporting to other areas of the hospital
  • Total weight of combined stands 140 kg (308 lbs.)
  • No cords – completely battery operated

Clinical Images




Surgical Suite Package:

  • Smart-C System
  • Smart-C Monitor Cart
  • Smart-C Support Stand
  • Battery chargers


Positioning Package:

  • Smart-C System
  • Smart-C Support Stand


Visualization Package:

  • Smart-C System
  • Smart-C Monitor Cart


Portability Package:

  • Smart-C System
  • Transport Case

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