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Smart C-arm for Surgical – TURNER IMAGING

The Benefits of the Smart-C in your Operating Room.

The Smart C package is designed to provide you a Mini C arm with the additional features of  segregated components to increase functionality in today’s OR.  The fully battery operated and wireless system means no cords on the floor and the unique ability to place the monitor and support stand where the surgeon chooses. Components fit together for easy movement and small storage footprint.

Features of the Smart-C:

  • 6” x 6” imaging area with superfine 100 μm pixel resolution
  • CMOS flat panel detector is only 1.5 inches thick making it the thinnest in the market.
  • Wifi image transfer to PACS
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Carbon Fiber Frame for durability and strength
  • Use the Smart-C as an independent tabletop device or on a support stand to meet your surgeon’s individual needs
  • Bright 27” monitor with class-leading 12” live image
  • Agile positioning of C-arm when mounted to support stand


“I found that I was able to pull in and manipulate the unit support stand easily with one hand while supporting the limb with my opposite hand, creating an improved and more efficient workflow in the operating room.”

Dr. Jonathan Faux, Foot and Ankle Surgeon.



Wireless Tablet

  • Wireless tablet that can be placed directly in your field of vision
  • Intuitive Imaging Software on a touchscreen tablet
  • Automatic detection of dense objects and adjustments of contrast and brightness to optimize image


Smart-C Support Stand:

  • Counterbalanced C-arm articulation
  • 46” reach
  • Detector height 61 to 140 cm (24-55”)
  • Unlimited C-arm rotation
  • Small storage footprint
  • Locking wheels
  • Weighs 75 kg (165 lbs.)

  Monitor Cart

  • Battery operated monitor cart with no cords on the operating room floor
  • Battery charger for two Smart-C batteries integral to the Monitor Stand
  • Bright 27” monitor with class-leading 12” live image
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Independent monitor cart allows for a clear field of view positioning

Monitor Cart and Support Stand

  • The Smart-C monitor cart and support stand can connect to act as a single unit in the OR or for transporting to other areas of the hospital
  • Total weight of combined stands 140 kg (308 lbs.)
  • No cords – completely battery operated

Clinical Images




Surgical Suite Package:

  • Smart-C System
  • Smart-C Monitor Cart
  • Smart-C Support Stand
  • Battery chargers


Positioning Package:

  • Smart-C System
  • Smart-C Support Stand


Visualization Package:

  • Smart-C System
  • Smart-C Monitor Cart


Portability Package:

  • Smart-C System
  • Transport Case

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