Designed for Patients Whether travelling, sharing scans with medical professionals or even showing images to family or friends, patients expect access to their medical imaging history. Zed Patient ensures that all imaging is only a few clicks away. Easy Storage Intuitive Viewer Easy Sharing Access & Security Beneficial for Radiology Clinics Zed Patient replaces X-ray film […]


Simple and fast access to medical records for doctors Zed Doctor is widely used to deliver images and reports to external referring doctors. Large hospitals also use Zed Doctor to provide doctors with ‘anywhere’ access to images from any computer. Powerful Searching Easy Sharing Fast to load, Simple to use Available oniOS and Android We […]


S-scan, the Next Step In Office MRI S-scan is perfectly in line with today’s need for efficient and economic health care and is an optimal choice for any practice with a substantial musculoskeletal work-load   S-scan Sport, a winner in the game of MRI S-scan Sport configuration is a dedicated solution for sports medicine specialists […]

CDXI-401C Wired Series – CANON

Benefits High sensitivity Cesium Iodide. Streamline your radiographic workflow with the CXDI-401 Compact series Easy streamlined upgrades Fits easily into standard 46x46cm Bucky without any modification High quality image High resolution imaging with low dose Robust design Rigid design to assume maximum durability within the Bucky. CXDI Fixed Detectors range   CXDI-401C COMPACT WIRED X-RAY […]

CXDI-710 Wireless Series – CANON

Design excellence. The superb Wireless 710 series incorporates Canon’s legendary LANMIT amorphous silicon core with high sensitivity cesium iodide scintillator. Ultralight design One of the toughest and lightest detectors available thanks to carbon fibre construction that can bear a surface load of 310 kg. Waterproof & dust resistant Our IP57 protection provides you with extra […]

Ultrasound Transducers – FUJIFILM

Convex Transducers The broad range of convex transducers are suitable for various general examinations, and feature a comfortable grip, compact lightweight design, and flexible care.     Linear Transducers Linear transducers with a wide frequency bandwidth provide high quality images and are designed to image an extensive variety of superficial tissues such as the thyroid […]

Arietta 65 – FUJIFILM

ARIETTA 65 has been designed to perform quick and precise diagnosis in general imaging without compromising on productivity and workflow. This ultrasound platform combines productivity, enhanced tools and technology to provide Smooth workflow and productivity Superb imaging and accurate diagnosis Simple to use applications and streamlined practice This ultrasound platform excels through ergonomic design, reducing […]