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Ultrasound Transducers – FUJIFILM

Convex Transducers

The broad range of convex transducers are suitable for various general examinations, and feature a comfortable grip, compact lightweight design, and flexible care.



Linear Transducers

Linear transducers with a wide frequency bandwidth provide high quality images and are designed to image an extensive variety of superficial tissues such as the thyroid gland, breast, and peripheral vessels.



Sector Transducers

The compact size and ergonomic profile of our sector transducers facilitate easy operation for intercostal imaging. A significant increase in the frequency bandwidth is achieved by adopting single crystal transducer technology. For cardiology applications, sector transducers combine high frame rates with outstanding diagnostic performance.



Transesophageal Transducers

Transesophageal transducers depict the heart and surrounding structures with high definition. With a fine tip that enables easy operation, they are designed for patient comfort while maintaining excellent image quality.



Transvaginal & Transrectal Transducers

The diverse lineup of transducers support a wide variety of clinical uses. This includes our original real-time biplane method, the 360deg. radial transducer for observation of the prostate, anal canal and rectum, end-fire method for easy biopsy, and the transvaginal transducer with improved shape to reduce discomfort for the patient.



Biopsy /Intraoperative Transducers

One key advantage of ultrasound imaging is the ability to monitor biopsy procedures in real time. The range of dedicated biopsy and intraoperative transducers are designed for ease-of-use, and to support safe surgery and accurate interventions.



3D / 4D Transducers

The compact and lightweight 3D/4D transducers allow examinations to be performed with less strain on the examiner.

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