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Arietta 750 – FUJIFILM

What’s your ideal ultrasound experience?

Perhaps you want a system with high image quality, yet with added flexibility in the spec that you choose. Maybe you need premium measurement capabilities that makes patient diagnosis more accurate and efficient. And almost certainly, you’re looking for all this at an affordable price.

Welcome to the ARIETTA 750. Empower your Ultrasound!
  • Great image quality delivered by our latest processing technologies like eFocusing and Carving Imaging.
  • Premium, AI-based measurement functions that take patient diagnosis to the next level.
  • Excellent probe coverage for a wide range of therapeutic areas.


Choose the ARIETTA 750 and you get high image quality delivered with a choice of different options. But perhaps most importantly, the ARIETTA 750 puts you firmly in charge of your patients’ diagnostic data through advanced measurement technology – including criteria and indices for various organ functions.

The result: diagnose pathologies at the touch of a button, more efficiently than ever before.


Be prepared for various clinical cases.

Highly sensitive B-mode and Color Mode
Advanced Elastography features
Advanced Fusion Imaging features
Contrast Imaging

Women’s Health

Be equipped for breast pathologies and fetal assessment.

Automatic OB measurements
Advanced Fetal Heart measurements
Fetal visualization tools


Be confident with advanced hemodynamic assessments.

Highly sensitive colour mode to replace contrast agents
Doppler measurements from two gates in same heart cycle
Advanced vessel and blood flow analysis tools
Advanced cardiac reporting workstation


Be precise in biopsy, transrectal or transabdominal procedures.

Dedicated probes for optimal needle guidance
Advanced Fusion Imaging features
Advanced Elastography features
Contrast Imaging

Shared Services

Be efficient in your ultrasound use.

Many different types of probes
Different clinical packages
High mobility with ergonomic design

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