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Arietta 50 – FUJIFILM

ARIETTA 50 is the compact entry model of the ARIETTA series, inviting easy operation from beginners through experts, taking you to the ‘next level’.
This ultrasound platform combines
  • Carefree Workflow,
  • Clear Imaging
  • Clean Applications
The intuitive workflow of the ultrasound platform allows the operator to focus more on the patient than on the actual operation
  • reducing fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders of the examiner
  • facilitating examination in various clinical settings by adjusting the platform
ARIETTA 50 benefits from:
  • High contrast 21.5” widescreen LCD monitor to display images with high sensitivity and resolution
  • 10.1” touch screen panel, mounted at a comfortable and convenient angle
  • Customizable screen layout, selectable by clinical application to allow intuitive operation
  • Simplified operating console to speed up your daily routine for a more pleasant operating experience
  • User-friendly interface from the home screen, allowing to intuitively input the patient ID, select the examination area and retrieve previously saved image settings
Intelligent Automatic functions for smooth workflow
Auto Optimizer – to automatically adjust the gain and baseline position and velocity range with just one button Mobility that meets autonomy – allowing to scan approx. 1 hour in battery mode for smooth use in emergency care or changing rooms Power cord hook, handles, and folding mechanism, helping to move the system safely  
Clear Imaging for enhanced precision in a wide field of clinical applications
ARIETTA 50 features high-performing image processing technologies, inherited from the ARIETTA series, such as High Resolution Color Flow (eFLOW) for detailed depiction of blood flow dynamics and accurate delineation of both, fine and larger blood vessels. Silky Image Processing (SIP) to emphasize tissue structures and contrast resolution for clear images Compound Imaging for clear visualization of tissue boundaries, high contrast resolution and speckles reduction, allowing a confident observation of lesions  
Clean Application featuring intuitive clinical functions, allowing you to concentrate on your patient
Trapezoidal scanning for wider field of view with linear probes, enhancing visualization of vessels, organs and surrounding tissues Free Angler M-mode (FAM) using any cursor orientation to compare wall and valve movement from multiple angles in the same heartbeat Auto IMT to automatically measure max and mean values of Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) for reproducible and accurate follow-up of vascular diseases Doppler Auto Trace for real-time values of peak velocity and blood vessel resistance (PI, RI)

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