Endocam Logic 4K – RICHARD WOLF

ENDOCAM Logic 4K The new Sharp. The new Authentic. The new Efficient. Richard Wolf GmbH is taking image quality in endoscopy to a whole new level with sophisticated technology for pin sharp 4K resolution. The precisely coordinated system components guarantee realistic image reproduction. At the same time, the system is energy-efficient, ergonomic and compact. Intelligent […]


Modality clinics Zed microPACS removes the high cost and complexity of traditional PACS installations while still providing the core benefits of digital image viewing and storage.   Simple Installation Our Zed Black Box is a fully configured software/hardware package that is shipped to site within 24 hours of ordering. Simply connect the Zed Black Box […]


Designed for Patients Whether travelling, sharing scans with medical professionals or even showing images to family or friends, patients expect access to their medical imaging history. Zed Patient ensures that all imaging is only a few clicks away. Easy Storage Intuitive Viewer Easy Sharing Access & Security Beneficial for Radiology Clinics Zed Patient replaces X-ray film […]


Simple and fast access to medical records for doctors Zed Doctor is widely used to deliver images and reports to external referring doctors. Large hospitals also use Zed Doctor to provide doctors with ‘anywhere’ access to images from any computer. Powerful Searching Easy Sharing Fast to load, Simple to use Available oniOS and Android We […]

Ultrasound Transducers – FUJIFILM

Convex Transducers The broad range of convex transducers are suitable for various general examinations, and feature a comfortable grip, compact lightweight design, and flexible care.     Linear Transducers Linear transducers with a wide frequency bandwidth provide high quality images and are designed to image an extensive variety of superficial tissues such as the thyroid […]

Ultrasound Application for Cardiovascular – FUJIFILM

Heart disease pathologies can be slow in showing their signs, making it a silent deadly killer accounting for one third of all global deaths. From fetal to elderly care, early detection remains crucial, and Fujifilm is dedicated to help clinicians achieve that with highly specialized ultrasound solutions that detects early signs of heart failure, 3D/4D […]

Arietta 50 – FUJIFILM

ARIETTA 50 is the compact entry model of the ARIETTA series, inviting easy operation from beginners through experts, taking you to the ‘next level’. This ultrasound platform combines Carefree Workflow, Clear Imaging Clean Applications The intuitive workflow of the ultrasound platform allows the operator to focus more on the patient than on the actual operation […]

Arietta 65 – FUJIFILM

ARIETTA 65 has been designed to perform quick and precise diagnosis in general imaging without compromising on productivity and workflow. This ultrasound platform combines productivity, enhanced tools and technology to provide Smooth workflow and productivity Superb imaging and accurate diagnosis Simple to use applications and streamlined practice This ultrasound platform excels through ergonomic design, reducing […]

Arietta 750 – FUJIFILM

What’s your ideal ultrasound experience? Perhaps you want a system with high image quality, yet with added flexibility in the spec that you choose. Maybe you need premium measurement capabilities that makes patient diagnosis more accurate and efficient. And almost certainly, you’re looking for all this at an affordable price. Welcome to the ARIETTA 750. […]