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Endocam Logic 4K – RICHARD WOLF


The new Sharp. The new Authentic. The new Efficient.

Richard Wolf GmbH is taking image quality in endoscopy to a whole new level with sophisticated technology for pin sharp 4K resolution. The precisely coordinated system components guarantee realistic image reproduction. At the same time, the system is energy-efficient, ergonomic and compact. Intelligent processing algorithms, referred to as Special Imaging Modes (SIM), allow structures that are difficult to discern to be rendered more clearly.

4K means a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 pixels, four times that of the existing HD standard. To get this pixel power on the road, Richard Wolf is effectively pooling its areas of expertise: telescope, light, signal processing and the latest production technology are merging to create a solution from a single source.

The platform and its components

ENDOCAM Logic 4K Camera Controller

  • Brilliant 4K resolution with either 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels
  • Compatible with all application parts and camera heads of ENDOCAM Logic HD
  • “Special Imaging Modes” (SIM) included for differentiated visualization
  • Extremely easy to use thanks to the pre-programming of clinically-devised presets for various disciplines
  • Default user settings can be saved without any effort at all
  • High-resolution images and videos saved on USB storage media
  • Compatible with corenova theatre integration

SIM – Special Imaging Mode

In addition to the standard naturalistic white image rendering, 6 different digital algorithms – Special Imaging Modes – are optionally available to the user. In certain situations, these algorithms can improve tissue differentiation. The preset SIM is switched on and off simply by pressing the camera head button.



In homogenous images areas that make a differentiated diagnosis difficult, 3 different modes with contrast enhancement and targeted false color rendering for distinct structures.





Thanks to special structure enhancers, flat and blurred image content is vividly rendered with special structure enhancers true to the original color shades.


ENDOCAM Logic 4K HDR - High Dynamic Range
HDR – High Dynamic Range

Dark image areas are brightened and very light, overexposed areas are made darker.


ENDOCAM Logic 4K Camera Head

  • An Ergonomically-designed camera head that is pleasant to the touch
  • Top quality metal Material
  • 4K resolution generated from 3 x 1/3 inch CMOS image sensors
  • Camera cable can be replaced in the hospital by technicians
  • Autoclavable, disinfectable and gas sterilizable (V-PROTM 1), suitable for STERRAD NX


ENDOCAM Logic HD Camera Heads

All compatible application parts and camera heads of Endocam Logic HD can be used with the ENDOCAM Logic 4K Camera Controller.



  • Extremely extensive lifetime of the LED – up to 30,000 hours
  • Outstanding energy efficiency – consumes approx. 80% less power than xenon lamps
  • Almost silent thanks to the innovative cooling system
  • Flicker-free constant brightness
  • Virtually constant illumination throughout the lifetime


PANOVIEW Ultra telescopes

  • Improved edge sharpness and optimized sharpness profile across the entire endoscopic image
  • Advanced high-tech fiber optics with extremely high light transmission
  • Optimal illumination of the endoscopic surgical area
  • Natural color rendering
  • Available in both standard and bariatric length, in 5.5 mm every 0° / 30° and 10 mm every 0° / 30° / 50°


Flexible sensor endoscopes

MAMBA vision: Flexible sensor cystoscope

  • 210° upward and downward articulation
  • Large 7.5 Fr. working and irrigation channel
  • Sheath diameter 16.2 Fr.
  • Atraumatic, beveled tip with 11.5 Fr. Diameter
  • Two distally-integrated LEDs
  • “Special Imaging Modes” (SIM) for improved tissue differentiation in certain situations
  • Two programmable camera head buttons for four different functions
  • Ergonomic handle with axial camera cable

BOA vision: Flexible 1-channel sensor ureterorenoscope

  • Currently the finest flexible 1-channel sensor URS on the market
  • Ergonomically-shaped handle with axial camera cable
  • Atraumatic, beveled stainless steel tip
  • Working and irrigation channels 3.6 Fr.
  • Active 270° upward and downward articulation
  • Currently the only sensor URS to fit into access sheaths from 9.5 Fr.
  • Especially suitable for narrow ureters (e.g. child urology)

COBRA vision: Flexible 2-channel sensor ureterorenoscope

  • Currently the only flexible 2-channel sensor URS on the market
  • Ergonomically-shaped handle with axial camera cable
  • Suitable for access sheaths from 11 Fr.
  • Atraumatic, beveled stainless steel tip
  • Working and irrigation channels 3.6 Fr.
  • Laser channel 2.4 Fr. – for laser fibers up to max. 365 µm
  • Active 270° upward and downward articulation
  • Optimized irrigation performance with enlarged, central working channel for mono-irrigation
  • Ideal laser and instrument channel position, the advantage being that stone concretions are much easier to localize.

4K monitors

  • Special presets for outstanding visualization of the ENDOCAM Logic 4K image
  • Available in 31 or 55 inch version for a perfect overview
  • Easily wiped clean thanks to smooth front side
  • Highly luminous, anti-reflective OptiContrast Panel™ for vibrant and high-contrast image


Fusion light cable

  • 20% higher light transmission
  • Extremely high temperature protection
  • Amplified service life
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Easier to handle and less susceptible to fiber breakage with improved flexibility and steel kink protection


Evolution4K Recording System


Bringing digital sharpness, clarity, and convenience to the OR, Evolution4K Digital Video Recording System is a complete digital recording and documentation system that captures up to 4K video and images from a HDMI camera source and stores captured media with patient information. It also offers the benefit of duplicating captured videos and images to USB devices for documentation, storage, and presentation.


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