Modality clinics Zed microPACS removes the high cost and complexity of traditional PACS installations while still providing the core benefits of digital image viewing and storage.   Simple Installation Our Zed Black Box is a fully configured software/hardware package that is shipped to site within 24 hours of ordering. Simply connect the Zed Black Box […]


Designed for Patients Whether travelling, sharing scans with medical professionals or even showing images to family or friends, patients expect access to their medical imaging history. Zed Patient ensures that all imaging is only a few clicks away. Easy Storage Intuitive Viewer Easy Sharing Access & Security Beneficial for Radiology Clinics Zed Patient replaces X-ray film […]


Simple and fast access to medical records for doctors Zed Doctor is widely used to deliver images and reports to external referring doctors. Large hospitals also use Zed Doctor to provide doctors with ‘anywhere’ access to images from any computer. Powerful Searching Easy Sharing Fast to load, Simple to use Available oniOS and Android We […]

World of Mammography – PLANMED

Planmed develops and manufactures high-quality imaging solutions for mammography. Our aim is to promote early and reliable breast cancer detection as well as provide mammography systems with effortless and ergonomic usability. The Planmed mammography systems have been designed to provide the best possible experience in all situations by offering fast, calming, and reassuring exams for […]

Clarity™ 3D – PLANMED

High-quality 3D imaging of the breast The outstanding image quality and high performance makes Planmed Clarity™ 3D one of the most advanced mammography systems in the market. The durable and versatile system can be used for 3D imaging, 2D screening, diagnostic examinations, and stereotactic biopsies. Planmed Clarity 3D is the complete mammography system comprising all the features […]

Sophie™ Classic S – PLANMED

Efficient analog mammography Planmed Sophie™ Classic S is a reliable analog mammography system that can perform even in the most demanding environments and provides extra value for the investment. The compact and upgradeable system can grow with the demand. Cost-effective choice for screening and diagnostics The Planmed Sophie Classic S unit is a great choice for […]

Diagnostic Mammography – PLANMED

Diagnostic imaging is performed when further examination of the breast is needed. 2D biopsy, spot imaging and geometric magnification can be performed on all Planmed Clarity™ units and stereotactic biopsy with the Planmed Clarity™ 2D and Planmed Clarity™ 3D systems. Planmed ClarityGuide The Planmed ClarityGuide™ is a high-precision stereotactic biopsy system. Its exceptionally lightweight needle guidance unit, built-in connections, and compatibility with vertical […]

Clarity™ 2D – PLANMED

Planmed Clarity™ 2D is a comprehensive digital mammography system. The durable unit can be used for screening, diagnostic examinations, and stereotactic biopsies. Planmed Clarity 2D system comprises all the features of the Planmed Clarity™ product family. Individually tailored images and ideal ergonomics We at Planmed are committed to designing equipment that provide the best experience for both patients […]

Clarity™ S – PLANMED

Planmed Clarity™ S is the ideal choice for a cost-effective digital mammography system. The unit can handle even the most demanding workloads from everyday screenings to follow-up studies and 2D biopsies. Planmed’s trusted technology secures high performance and quality results. A mammography system for any clinic needs Planmed Clarity S is the safe and cost-effective choice […]