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EOSedge is a precise, low dose imaging system that delivers full body, high-quality images covering the full set of musculoskeletal and orthopedic exams.

This next generation solution captures fully functional 2D/3D biplanar images in seconds, using a high-resolution photon-counting detector for outstanding image quality for a broad range of patients.

Its innovative design minimizes radiation exposure following ALADA* principle to give providers the insight they need to make well-informed clinical decisions at each point of patient care.

*As Low As Diagnostically Acceptable



Imaging with a VISION

At EOS imaging, we push the boundaries of image-based solutions for healthcare. EOSedge is the next step of connecting imaging to care, introducing powerful new technologies to improve patient safety and treatment outcomes.


Exceptional Clinical Value

EOSedge is powered by a high-resolution photon-counting detector to optimize image quality. This system captures 1:1 images in a calibrated environment with no stitching or magnification, supporting well-informed clinical decisions at all stages of care.

Reduced Radiation Exposure

EOSedge uses new Flex Dose™ technology to modulate radiation throughout scans using body morphology. Flex Dose delivers up to an 80% overall radiation reduction compared to the same acquisition without Flex Dose5.

A follow up pediatric spine exam, using the Micro Dose feature, delivers only a week’s worth of natural radiation3.
Patient-Centered Design
EOSedge’s open cabin design allows medical teams to capture full body images safely, quickly, and comfortably for a wide range of patients. Its large acquisition zone and accessible design enables easy entry and positioning for children, elders, and other patients.




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