Premium composite for core build-up and root post cementation. Cuts like dentine Extremely high compressive strength Excellent flow properties Reliable curing One material for building up and cementing Genuine dentine feeling for precise preparation LuxaCore Z DMG’s premium composite for core build-ups and post cementation provides dentine-like cuttability, which ensures controlled substance removal and a […]

ICON Caries Infiltration Proximal – DMG DENTAL

Icon – Caries Infiltrant proximal Tooth friendly filling by infiltration – no drilling needed Gentle therapy approach for difficult-toreach proximal lesions in just a few steps Prolongs the life expectancy of the tooth No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue     Icon fills the gap between fluoridating and drilling.      Indications: One method […]

ICON Caries Infiltration Smooth Surface – DMG DENTAL

Icon – Caries Infiltrant smooth surface Gentle method for counteracting cariogenic white spots – with an esthetic side effect User-friendly and patient-friendly application process in only one sitting No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue     The Icon Casebook Download the casebook to review the 22 clinical cases that clearly demonstrate the possibilities Icon […]

ICON Caries Infiltration – DMG DENTAL

Treat earlier – preserve longer Esthetic results on smooth surfaces Caries arrest at an early stage Preservation of healthy tooth structure Pain-free method, without anesthesia, or drilling Challenges in the practice Caries in the early stages cause changes in the color shading on smooth surfaces: White spots Up until now, there has been no satisfactory […]

LuxaTemp Glaze & Bond – DMG DENTAL

Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond   High gloss shine without polishing Excellent bond with repair materials Extraordinary abrasion resistance Low surface roughness   Surface sealer and repair material for temporary crowns and bridges A varnish with Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond facilitates particularly esthetic and hygienic surfaces. The light-curing one-component varnish gives a temporary a natural, smooth and shiny […]

LuxaTemp Star – DMG DENTAL

Temporaries that last. Substantially higher flexural strength and fracture toughness Improved initial hardness Great adaption and fit Outstanding esthetics and color stability Faster curing High biocompatibility Suited for long term temporaries For a look that’s hard to beat. Luxatemp Star. For many years now, the name Luxatemp has been associated internationally with precision-fit temporary crowns […]

Honigum Pro – DMG DENTAL

Impressions made your way Extraordinary stability and flowability Optimum behavior in moist conditions Convenient working time Extreme toughness Maximum precision Particularly suited to implant impressions   Stability or flowability? Honigum Pro is a champion in both disciplines. The precision VPS-material enables unparalleled flowability under pressure – AND outstanding stability when pressure is not applied. Even the smallest […]

Honigum – DMG DENTAL

Overcoming opposites. Exceptional detail reproduction Outstanding stability in the tray and intraorally Remarkable flow properties under light pressure Balanced hydrophilicity Neutral taste and honey scent Professional precision for all indications. Since its introduction in 1997 Honigum has evolved to one of the most successful and preferred impression materials worldwide. DMG continues to enhance its product […]

Signo G10 II – MORITA

The fundamental concept of the Signo G10 II OTP is greater freedom – without dispensing with absolute safety. Standard high-quality technology by Morita combines with innovative functions to offer you outstanding results. A high degree of comfort, flexibility, and a sophisticated hygiene design ensure a comfortable environment for you and your patients. Greater freedom The […]