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O-scan 400x300


Engineered for Performance, Designed for Comfort

O-scan is the ideal solution for extremities MRI.

O-scan offers a complete range of high quality imaging capabilities for extremities while providing an optimal patient experience, thanks to its unique ergonomics and open design.

It represents the ideal response to today’s healthcare requirements: patient comfort, quality, fast exam times and efficient workflows.



O-scan: Dynamic MRI

Esaote Dynamic MRI can reveal occult impingements that are difficult or impossible to see with standard static MRI. Functional assessment provides an additional tool to improve patient care in particular in high-level sports medicine.


O-scan: Impressive Image Quality

O-scan retains Esaote’s tradition of outstanding image quality, throughput and friendly operation.

O-scan is a high performance system comprising the latest MRI technologies for advanced applications like MAR and high-resolution 3D acquisitions.



O-scan: The Power Of Comfort

O-scan features a very compact magnet with comfortable patient chair and covers all limbs and joints such as the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow.

It offers maximum patient comfort, no claustrophobia, and runs from a standard wall plug.

O-scan, Breaking Traditional Barriers

O-scan designed for high through-put in Radiological settings and Orthopedic practices. It can easily work alongside whole body scanners in Radiology departments, allowing you to improve your work flow and provide an optimal patient experience.

In orthopedic centers it can give direct access to MRI without having to make another appointment, saving time and cost for both the patient and the healthcare provider.

Agile Exam

AgilExam recognizes the anatomy and will automatically suggests the setup of the MRI scan according to the chosen protocol. AgilExam facilitates the work for the MRI tech by reducing exam times and improving consistency over time.

Consistent quality is important as it facilitates substantially the reading of the exams in particular in case of teleradiology whereas the reduced scan times enhance MRI throughput and assures a better patient experience.

AgilExam is fast and clever.
Once the scout scan has been acquired the setup time for the complete exam is a matter of seconds in which AgilExam adjusts the slice orientation and number of slices of all the scans in the chosen examination protocol.

AgilExam is available for the knee, ankle and wrist. AgilExam functionality is not compatible with MRI conditional implants.


O-scan, Technology That Works For You

O-scan boosts the following system features and capabilities:

  • Maintenance-free, open permanent magnet
  • 0.31 Tesla field strength
  • Ergonomic design to maximize patient comfort (no claustrophobia)
  • Complete set of dedicated Dual Phasesd Array coils
  • No RF shielding cage required
  • All imaging sequences used in MSK settings
  • Full set of pre-defined sequences and protocols
  • User defined sequences and customized examination protocols
  • Multi planar scout
  • Extensive image viewing, analysis and report tools
  • Remote service capability
  • eXP Technology package (optional) for faster and better MR imaging

O-scan, Easy And Fast Patient Positioning

Like all Esaote MRI systems, O-scan is designed for patient comfort:

  • Easy patient positioning with optimized patient bed;
  • Maximum comfort and stability even for much larger patients;
  • Real-time image-monitor allows you to check patient positioning directly from the gantry.


O-scan: Intuitive User Interface

Because it uses Windows®, O-scan is easy to learn and use. With a user interface and protocols custom designed for extremity MRI, exams are fast and simple to perform.

  •  Intuitive user interface: easy to use Windows® based user interface;
  • A complete software package: supplied with an extensive range of tools to process, display and analyze images.


O-scan: Hassle-Free MRI

O-scan does more in less space. The innovative design integrates a complete MRI system including RF shielding, in one unique package, minimizing the total space needed for installation. Due to its low weight and extremely small 5 gauss footprint, O-scan can be installed in virtually any office or practice with ease.
The operator console, featuring a Windows® interface, can be located either inside or outside the scanning room, to accommodate both small diagnostic practices and large radiology departments.

  • Very compact, installation space of 9 m² (100 Sq Ft) required
  • Low Power Consumption: only 1 Kw in normal 220/110V power outlet
  • No RF shielding cage required
  • Light-weight

O-scan Economics

Easy installation, ease of use, low maintenance, low energy consumption, no cryogens, and remote service make O-scan a smart investment even for sites with a low workload.

  • Green MRI, Esaote’s MRI systems use a fraction of the power employed by traditional MRIs saving you thousands of $/Euro per year
  • Low Power Consumption: less than 1 Kw in normal 220/110V power outlet
  • Low running costs
  • Cost effective: low break-even point
  • Fits through standard doorways


Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

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