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Signo G20 – MORITA

Ideal treatment unit for clinical performance and comfort for both patient and doctor.
SIGNO G20 was created with advanced techniques as well as essential performance. Setting the new standard of the future, the choice is clear.


Comfort is the embodiment of a warm heart to your patients

Operator’s element

Operator element with a wide handle is easy to operate. The design of the instrument holder angle aids in effortless use of the handpieces with a natural movement.


The backrest and the seat are designed to provide comfort and safety. The leather upholstery surface has an attractive grid pattern.

New safety switch


Functional beauty – Born from simplicity

Luna Vue ES (LED light)

“Luna Vue ES”, the newly developed LED light features high illuminance, energy-saving, and long service life much.

Vacuum syringe

New design cut filter

The position of the cut filter is located on the outside of the unit where it is easy to reach.


Standard configuration

Operator’s element

  • 5-Socket instrument holder
  • Three-way syringe (WS-201)
  • Vacuum syringe VS110
  • Saliva ejector SE110

Patient’s chair

  • Luna Vue ES LED operating light
  • Foot control (FC201)
  • Articulated headrest
  • Assistant tray


Optional configuration

Operator’s Element

  • TwinPower turbine (with optic)
  • Torx TR-91,TR-91-O (with optic)
  • Air Torx TRA-200
  • Straight handpiece (ST21U)
  • Contra shank (US121L)
  • Contra head (QL26B)
  • Rotary type vacuum syringe

OP Light

  • Luna Vue EL Light
  • EL mirror



  • Flushing system
  • Dental sterilization lters (water and air)
  • Foot control extended function with lever (FC201A)
  • Accessory table mounted on the light pole
  • Accessory table and paper holder mounted on the light pole
  • Paper holder over arm type
  • Movable armrest at the doctor position
  • Triple viewer (PFV95)
  • Operating stool LN (0S-LN)

Specifications and equipment sizes

Name:SIGNO type G20
Connected loads:Adjusted to local line voltage / 1.5 kVA
Seat height:max. 750 mm / min. 450 mm
Backrest angle:2° – 78°
Weight:approx. 240 kg

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