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O-Bite Scan – DMG DENTAL

O-Bite Scan

O-Bite Scan


Extremely high final hardness and superior break resistance

Minimal bite resistance

Fresh fruity orange scent

Cost effective, easy and precise for the digital workflow – without the need to purchase expensive technology

Easy handling, no pretreatment with powder or spray


Bite Registration


Maximum break resistance and flexural strength

Most precise bite registration, now also in digitized format.

O-Bite Scan combines precise bite registration with all the advantages of a digital workflow. The material is one of the hardest VPS-based impression materials.
The high final hardness is particularly important for repositioning the bite registration between the models in the articulator, in order to guarantee precision-fit restorations. Softer bite registrations flex or compress, thus prohibiting a precise articulation. This can lead to unwanted bite elevations after restoration, requiring a time-consuming grinding process.

The new scannable variant means that you can also make use of the advantages of a digital workflow, Without investing in equipment, without using scan powder or spray.

With O-Bite Scan you can work in your clinic as you always have: conventionally, precisely, and reliably. And then all options are available to you. The data from the accurate registration are available in digitized format at any time.

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