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The triumph of rigidity.

No compression or flexing when repositioned on the model

The hardest bite registration material (Barcol hardness 25 after one hour)

Tasteless and odorless

Excellent stability

Easy to cut

Hard, harder, LuxaBite!

The hardest among all bite registration materials is based on the innovative bisacrylate formula. Its thixotropic properties prevent the material from running into interdental spaces, and its superior final hardness (Shore D-69, or Barcol 25) eliminates compression or flexing when mounted to facilitate precise bite registrations.

Even implantologists appreciate the material’s advantages and use LuxaBite for the fixation of multiple impression posts to obtain torsion-free implant impressions.

And, besides LuxaBite’s stability when positioned on the model, dental assistants also value the conveniently easy excess removal with a dental burr.
After all, the material should be hard, not the work.

Patient in occlusion.
LuxaBite applied to the dental arch (max. 3 – 4 teeth).







Brief opening and closing of the bite situation after 45 – 60 seconds.
Easy removal of excess material using a cross-cut bur.


Hardest quality bite registrations

Besides a precise impression material an exact bite registration is the elementary basis for the fabrication of high-quality and perfectly fitting restorations.

With its outstanding rigidity LuxaBite provides the prerequisite for a precise reproduction of the oral situation, enabling the dentist to integrate perfectly fitting restorations without the need for corrections.

Perfect implant impressions

For the laboratory a torsion-free impression of transfer caps or impression posts taken by an implantologist is the necessary foundation for the fabrication of a perfectly fitting supra-construction.

LuxaBite’s extreme hardness combined with the user-friendly application with the Automix guarantees a reliable fixation.


Bite registration, fixation of impression posts or transfer caps for implant impressions

Transfer caps positioned on the implant.
Syringed transfer caps with LuxaBite.








Fixation of the transfer caps with cured LuxaBite.
Impression with Honigum-Heavy.







Securely cemented transfer caps for the implant impression.
Features Benefits
Very high final hardness No compression or flexing when mounted
onto the model
Outstanding milling properties
No taste or odor Increased patient comfort
Barely perceptible resistance
when jaw is closed
Exact and reliable registration
of the occlusion
Outstanding stability No running into interdental spaces
Intensive blue coloring Good color contrast

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