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ICON Caries Infiltration Smooth Surface – DMG DENTAL

Icon – Caries Infiltrant smooth surface

Icon - Caries Infiltrant smooth surface

Gentle method for counteracting cariogenic white spots – with an esthetic side effect

User-friendly and patient-friendly application process in only one sitting

No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue



The Icon Casebook

Download the casebook to review the 22 clinical cases that clearly demonstrate the possibilities Icon infiltration offers for the vestibular region. The 88 (English language) pages, divided into four chapters, provide:

  • Detailed, illustrated case studies of the treatment of cariogenic white spots, fluorosis, traumatic and idiopathic spots and MIH
  • Valuable background information about the various application possibilities to facilitate correct diagnosis
  • Numerous practice-based tips and suggestions
Click to download: Icon smooth surface – Case Reports

Icon Decision Tree

In addition to the Icon Casebook, we also provide a downloadable diagram of the decision tree. The decision tree is designed to support the treatment planning process, to provide a better understanding of how discoloration of different origins can be treated and also to explain why there are differences in the treatment process.
Click to download: Icon Decision Tree Diagram

Indications: One method – many possibilities

Vestibular application

Icon smooth surface is used to treat white spots in vestibular areas.
The principle is: Air and water entrapments in the tooth have a lower refractive index than intact tooth structure.
This leads to un-aesthetic discolorations. Icon balances out this difference and the appearance blends in with the healthy enamel.

Icon can be used to successfully treat cariogenic white spots, particularly shortly after debonding.
Cases of enamel changes such as fluorosis can be treated successfully at this early stage, particularly if the changes are mild to moderate.
Even enamel defects, for instance those caused by trauma, can be improved by Icon in many cases and made almost invisible.

Step by Step
Vestibular treatment: Icon and white spots

1. Initial situation: White spots after removing braces
3. Drying and visual check with Icon-Dry
5. Repeated application of Infiltrant
7. Result after polishing
2. Result after treating with Icon-Etch
4. Application of Icon-Infiltrant
6. Treatment results after light-curing
8. Patient a week after treatment

Tips from the practice

1. Re-etching »older« inactive white spots

  • You can etch multiple times if there is a very thick pseudo-intact surface layer.
  • If the white discoloration disappears within a few seconds when ethanol (Icon-Dry) is applied, then it is sufficiently etched.
  • If the opaque discoloration remains, then the etching process should be repeated.
  • Up to three etching steps for two minutes per lesion are possible.


2. Before/after documentation

  • Optimize your patient communication process by taking before and after pictures.
  • These photos give your patients definitive proof about the success of the treatment.


3. Fluorosis and other white spots

  • Even non-cariogenic enamel changes can be treated with Icon.
  • Experiences in practice show: Patients with fluorosis can be successfully treated, where it has proved useful to repeat the etching steps multiple times. Awaiting confirmation from clinical studies.
  • Enamel changes caused by trauma have been successfully treated.  Awaiting confirmation from clinical studies.


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