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EOS Ultra Low Dose 3D X-ray system

The EOS® system provides low dose, full body, stereo-radiographic images of patients in a functional position. It is a bi-planar device that’s based on two perpendicular fan beams of X-rays and proprietary detectors that travel vertically while scanning the patient. In a few seconds, the EOS exam produces two simultaneous frontal and lateral, low dose images of the whole body or an anatomical segment. The Micro Dose option for pediatric follow up exams further reduces the radiation exposure. The referring physician may select which functional position is needed for the exam including standing, bending, squatting or sitting on the EOS Radiolucent Chair



Clinical Benefits

  • Comprehend compensation mechanisms between the spine, hip and knee thanks to full body, weight-bearing images
  • Calculate precise 2D and 3D measurements, free from magnification and stitching bias
  • Improved diagnostics due to high image quality and over 65,000 grey levels for excellent contrast


Dose Reduction

  • Patient’s radiation dose decreased by 50% compared to a DR system1 and 85% compared to a CR system2
  • Substitution of specific CT exams with an EOS exam to reduce the patient’s radiation dose by 95%3
  • Micro Dose protocol for a full spine exam (frontal and lateral) at a dose that’s equivalent to only a week’s worth of natural radiation4



Workflow Efficiency

  • Capture frontal and lateral, full body images in less than 20 seconds for adults and 15 seconds for children
  • Complete an exam in under 4 minutes, even for complex spine or full body1
  • Maximize patient throughput with up to 100 complex exams per day9
  • Facilitate the process to image disabled patients with the EOS Radiolucent Chair

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