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PRECISION DR Imaging X-ray System

The ARCOMA Precision represents the optimum combination of our 4th generation auto-positioning technology with ergonomic design. The result is an advanced digital radiographic system that creates an efficient workflow and maximizes patient throughput. Featuring advanced applications like auto-stitching and tomography, Precision is the optimal solution to all your imaging needs.



  • Fast and efficient positioning
  • Non-stop operation
  • Intuitive and powerful control
  • High-end complete precision system solution
  • Ceiling mounting to save floor space
  • Automatic functionality – intuitive controls and information presentation
  • Auto positioning in 3D for efficient exams
  • Automatic detector tracking for efficiency and precision
  • High capacity
  • High availability
  • Easy positioning in all directions
  • Support for buckystitching
  • Long table span


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