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Optimal FOV Sizes for 3D Diagnosis

  • Increase your diagnosis and treatment accuarcy
  • Multi FOV sizes range from 5×5 to 12×9

5X5 images are useful for a topical area diagnosis with minimum X-ray exposure for patients. It can especially increase the accuracy of endodontic diagnosis by exactly checking the amount of root canals and abnormal root canal shapes such as C-shapes that are difficult to check using 2D X-ray system

8X5 images can provide more extended oral information on maxillary or mandibular areas. An accurate treatment plan can be established by taking into account the major anatomical structures like mandibular nerve, mental foramen or maxillary sinus.

8×8 images enable comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning including both maxillary and mandibular areas in a single scan. It is useful for not only complex implant surgery but left or right TMJ diagnosis.

FOV 12X9
12X9 images can provide the most optimal information for oral diagnosis fully covering both maxillary and mandibular structures including the 3rd molar region in a single scan. It is suitable for most oral surgery cases as well as multiple implant surgery.

Special SW for Specialists

  • Analyze 3D images with advanced tools and functions
  • Ez3D supports effective and efficient communication with your patients

2 Wide Range of Ceph Modes

  • Scan Type: LAT/Full LAT
  • One Shot Type: Small/Medium/Large

Magic PAN

  • It brings you the best optimized panoramic image
  • Magic PAN applies to all areas of the image

PaX-i3D (Pano/ CBCT)
PaX-i3D SC (Pano/ CBCT/ Scan Ceph)
PaX-i3D OS (Pano/ CBCT/ One Shot Ceph)

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