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PaX-i3D Green


Green CBCT

  • VATECH’s innovative ultra low dose X-ray technology
  • Green CBCT protects both patient and clinician

Rapid Scan

  • Minimized motion artifacts and faster workflow
  • 5.9 second rapid scan time produces superb image quality

Multi FOV Sizes

  • Wide range of FOV sizes from 5×5 to 16x10cm
  • Optimal FOV for precise diagnosis and reducing patient exposure

Easy and simple Software, Ez3D-i

  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Intuitive user-interface and powerful consulting tools

PaX-i3D Green (Pano/ CBCT)
PaX-i3D Green SC (Pano/ CBCT/ Scan Ceph)
PaX-i3D Green OS/OP (Pano/ CBCT/ One Shot Ceph)

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