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G-scan Brio Weight Bearing MRI System

Esaote’s new G-scan Brio is a tomography MRI system that allows to study all joints as well as the spine, either in a clinostatic (supine) or in a orthostatic (weight-bearing) position because magnet and patient can rotate from 0 to 90 degrees.


G-scan Brio is designed for the following anatomical regions: Foot/Ankle, Knee, Hip, L&C Spine, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand/Wrist.

The G-scan Brio provides great patient comfort and features the latest sequences and imaging performance. It boasts advanced features and capabilities such as:

  • Impressive image quality
  • Complete set of dedicated coils
  • Optimized bed for patient’s easy positioning and high comfort level during examination
  • Smooth and simple positioning: excellent ergonomics and unique features ensure optimal patient comfort and benefits for the operator
  • Cost Effective: low break-even point
  • Complete set of sequences: Turbo sequences, Steady State acquisition, X-bone; G-scan brio comes with a large set of specialized sequences suitable for all MSK imaging requirements
  • Real-Time MRI: real-time touch screen display for patient positioning
  • Intuitive user interface: easy to use Windows® based user interface
  • Green MRI, Esaote’s MRI systems use a fraction of the power employed by traditional MRIs saving you thousands of $/Euro per year

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